October 2, 2015


Going to cinemas in singapore used to be such a “boring” thing to do but thanks to a couple of innovative people in our little red dot, the act of  “going to watch a movie” is constantly being reinvented with events such as Films at the Fort and The Projector. This weekend, grab all your friends (or a special someone you’ve been eyeing to ask out for a while now) and head down to Lepark to REELAK.

REELAK is a film screening on the rooftop of People’s Park Complex, yes the same carpark you’ve seen many times while scrolling on your instagram feed. For their first screening, they will be showing an Israeli drama called Footnote. Footnote is family drama revolving around the troubled relationship between a father and his son. After which, a Filipino short film titled After Class about two women awaiting their rides home, with different ages and interesting power balance.

Besides catching a movie, you can also head to Lepark for a bite but if not, capture the sights (especially the singapore skyline, which we hope would be visible enough. we’re crossing our fingers for a low PSI tomorrow) with a disposable camera if you are one of the first 10 people to show up with a pretty mat to reelak on. More details can be found about the event here.

Where: Lepark, 1 Park Rd #06-00, People’s Park Complex

When: October 3rd, 6pm-9pm

Tickets can be purchased here from $25-$1,000

$25: 1 ticket + 1 beer for you,

 $50: 2 tickets + 1 bucket of beer (3 bottles),

 $100: 2 tickets + food basket (2 beers and 1 food platter) + 2 tickets for their next show,

$500: 5 tickets + a maximum of 3 food baskets + and you can tell REELAK what to do for their next event,

$1000: A maximum of 5 tickets + a maximum of 5 food baskets + event direction for the next event + 1 Ticket to the next film screening event.