October 6, 2015

First, they brought us that insanely delicious Speculoos Cookie Butter spread, leaving our taste buds at the mercy of its creators, Singapore brand Poppy & Co. Now they’re back to make us fall in love with them all over again; this time with a tantalising twist of Belgian Speculoos Cookie Butter with crunchy Speculoos cookie crumbs and smooth Swiss milk chocolate. To be absolutely honest, it all lies in the exceptional taste of the traditional European Speculoos cookie butter, which owner of Poppy & Co., Jacqueline Koay, successfully recreated with a Singaporean spin. “Less spicy, less sweet”, she said. The traditional Belgian Speculoos recalls nutmeg and cinnamon notes that may come off too strong.

This new product that Jacqueline has created combines Swiss milk chocolate coverture with a generous amount of crunchy Speculoos cookie crumbs, luscious Speculoos cookie butter and sweet chocolate praline on the inside. Jacqueline said, “Different elements introduced across our Speculoos cookie butter product range should marry to create a singular rich and bold character for a wholesome treat.”

Yum. Get your own Speculoos Cookie Butter Chocolate Bar at Naiise Pop-up Stores at Clarke Quay Central (#02-23) and I12 Katong (#01-31) for $9 each.