October 7, 2015

When the BeautyBlender was launched, everyone wanted one. After all, it’s hard to resist a makeup sponge that promises an airbrush-level finish.

Now, the brand has launched another gamechanger: enter the Blotterazzi, which is basically the oil blotter version of the BeautyBlender. Catchy name aside, it looks like a flat BeautyBlender that is meant to be used dry (unlike the BeautyBlender) to blot oil from all corners of the face. With traditional blotting papers, there are often unused corners that end up as wastage – but the Blotterazzi is reusable, and is designed to fit all the contours of the face.


It was just launched this month, but if you caught the recent Emmys, you might have noticed it as actress Allison Janney brought it on stage with her when accepting her award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in Mom, and wondered to yourself, “What on earth is that cool pink blotting thing?”


We know what you’re probably thinking at this point: how can oil blotters be reused??? But here’s the point: Each case comes with two sponges so you don’t have to keep reusing the same one in a day, and it’s made of the same highly-lauded cushion material as the BeautyBlender, so it wicks away oiliness from the skin without ruining your makeup, as paper oil blotters tend to do. Plus, you don’t have to deal with those nasty oil patches that fill up used blotting paper.

Yes, there’s the question of hygiene, but if you can deal with washing your BeautyBlender regularly (you do that, right?), you can do the same with the Blotterazzi. Just wash with a regular sponge cleanser or the dedicated BeautyBlender ones, and let it dry in a well-ventilated area; the Blotterrazzi can be reused for up to a month.


BeautyBlender Blotterazzi, $37. Available at Sephora stores.