October 13, 2015

We could go on about how the humid Singapore weather makes our hair frizzy, ad nauseum, but there’s rarely a long-term solution to this annoying hair problem. Sure, there are shampoos and conditioners, serums and masks, that all promise to soothe the frizz, but they’re really all temporary solutions that hardly last beyond the day.


That’s why when we heard about Salon Vim’s Texture Control, our interest was piqued. Basically, it’s an anti-frizz treatment developed by Salon Vim’s co-founder Gary Chew, who has leveraged on his 20 years of experience in the hair business to come up with this treatment, which promises to bust frizz by rebuilding the hair bonds.

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The before and after difference that Salon Vim’s Texture Control promises. Images: facebook.com/salonvim

We were told the entire process would take 3 hours, and as people who really dislike spending hours confined to a salon chair, we were hesitant about this at first. But in reality, the 3 components of the Texture Control treatment – the pre-treatment, actual treatment, and post-treatment – flew by quite quickly, what with having to move here and there for the multiple rinses.

Here’s what the 3 components involve:

  • Pre-treatment: A treatment that softens and preps the hair for the actual Texture Control. After it goes on, it’s left on for 10 minutes under a hair steamer.
  • Treatment: How long it’s left on is dependent on the state of your hair. It only took 5 minutes for us, before it was rinsed off. Then, the stylist used a heat iron to basically further straighten the bonds in the hair; and then, a second treatment goes on to ensure the hair’s newly-sleek shape is kept in place.
  • Post-treatment: This last step is mainly for conditioning, and involves a conditioning mist, followed by 2 more conditioning masks that are left to be absorbed by your locks under the steamer once again.

If your hair is long enough, they can even finish off with waves or “C” curls at the hair ends; if not, it can just be done straight.

By the end of all of that, our hair never felt softer, and this magical softness lasted all the way to the following day.



Hair after Texture Control.

Of course, even after Texture Control you’ll need to maintain your hair regularly with serums and hair masks, but you can expect to see a lot less frizz and reduced hair breakage for up to 6 months (Salon Vim recommends customers to have Texture Control done 2 to 3 times a year, due to new hair growth).

Yes, this is a pretty significant investment of both time and money, but it’s one that gives pretty decent returns. Frizz-free hair means less time spent insistently styling it every day just so it can look decently sleek, and less energy spent being frustrated over stubborn frizz. And you can be as fabulous as this every day:



Salon Vim Texture Control, $420 and above. Call 6884 7757 (#04-25/28 313@Somerset) or 6837 0073 (235 Victoria Street) to make an appointment. salonvim.com