November 13, 2015

With sunglasses we’re always spoilt for choice, with countless numbers of styles, finishes, colours, hardware… there can never be an end to “the reinvention of sunglasses”.

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Which brings us to this — transparent framed sunglasses. These clear frames have been on our radar for awhile, reminding us a bit of the optical version which seems to have been making a comeback on the streets. Since they’re probably made of plastic you don’t have to worry about it breaking in your bag and it also gives off a retro-isn vibe with a modern touch. Plus they’re technically not in any colour, so they’ll definitely go great with whatever colours (or lack of) you have in your wardrobe. 
(From L to R, Top to Bottom: Valentino at, $325;, US$33; Thierry Lasry at, $477; Komono, $60; LeSpecs at, $71;Zan Zan at, $415;)