November 4, 2015

It could be late at night, or at around 4pm in the afternoon. That’s when our craving for something small, light and munch-able gets the strongest, and rather than go for a full meal, here are some of things we’d love to have within arm’s reach. All the better to indulge ourselves with:

1. Nutella & Go


Who doesn’t love Nutella? That person probably has bad taste. We went crazy when we found out our favourite hazelnut and cocoa spread was packaged in an easy takeaway cup, with a side of breadsticks as well, which makes things a lot better since we won’t have to reach for a spoon (and wash it after). There’s definitely enough leftover as well, and the packaging makes the rich spread portable enough to stash in our bags, without melting, in case of emergency hunger pangs.

$1.80, available at major supermarkets.

2. Pepero 

Pepero - Almond Front Pepero - White cookie Front Pepero Double Dip Strawberry - Front Pepero Double Dip Chocolate - Front

There’s always not enough Pepero to go around – and that’s because they’re just so good. Just split open the packet, and dig in, because everything’s pre-dipped for our convenience. The chunky bits of almond add texture to the chocolate-coated biscuit stick, the white cookie one favours sweet tooths, while the new double dip flavours feature two rounds of coatings, making it that much more substantial. We have the Koreans to thank for this.

$1.30 and $3.50 respectively, available at major supermarkets, Guardian and Watsons.

3. Meiji Yan Yan Biscuit Sticks

297756_L1 297764_L1 IMG5630_1416462353397

From Japan, here’s a childhood snack we’ve all probably bought on the way home from school, while rummaging about for pocket money. And it’s still worth it. The inexpensive snack always disappears fast (so you should be selfish about it), and other than the standard, well-loved chocolate and strawberry flavours, there’s also a strawberry banana one. Talk about an upgrade!

From $0.85, available at major supermarkets.

4. SKIPPY Singles

image005       12190959_907798685924754_5420000898863147607_n

Okay, we’re guilty. Of dipping our spoons into a jar of peanut butter and slowly licking it off – though we do draw the line at double dipping. And since it’s really hard to resist peanut butter, SKIPPY has come up with new fun-sized portions of their spread, so we can take it on the go. Each tube contains six portions, which you can totally pair with rice crackers and apple (a healthy desk snack), crackers and almonds, or celery if you’re really, really health-conscious.

Available at NTUC FairPrice, Cold Storage, Giant, 7-Eleven.

5. The Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers

cheese dippers

Another one of our childhood snacks, cheese dippers are perfect because they combine two things we love: lightweight biscuits, and cheese. Perfect for when you’re craving for something savoury, and really, you can’t go wrong when those two are combined.

From $4.95 at major supermarkets.

6. Royce Potatochip Chocolate


Now we’re getting indulgent. It may look pricey for what’s essentially a packet of chips, but do not underestimate the chocolate. Both the sweet chocolate and salty, crispy chips go together in a magical way, and we’re thinking the saltiness cuts through that rich chocolate, so we keep reaching for another, and another, and another. The thin layer of chocolate doesn’t compromise on that satisfying crunch as well.

$15, at Royce stores, including ION Orchard.

7. Godiva Milk Chocolate Strawberries

4301-Berries_10256_RS_4C img-thing

If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, go for this. While the chocolate-dipped strawberries aren’t exactly available for takeaway here (yet?), consider getting these dried, bite-sized strawberries, crunchy ones, that are dipped in rich Belgian chocolate. A classic combination, that makes for a romantic gesture as well.

$13, at Godiva stores including Takashimaya.