November 6, 2015

It’s only normal to have aspirations of doing something bigger than yourself and to affect change in one way or another. Sure, you might be doing that in your 9-to-5 jobs in some way, but more often than not, most people dream of doing something more meaningful (or doing something that has got nothing to do with their jobs). And to be honest, the only thing that’s stopping you is really yourself (cliché, but true). Time and effort are factors indeed, but these are factors you can control. Whatever it is, the winds of change are blowing, and it’s up to you to weigh anchor.

If you need a little push, look to Ray-Ban. They’ve been actively championing anyone who’s been daring enough to embrace change with their #Campaign4Change movement. And in Singapore, they’ve celebrated both local influencers (like Tosh,Shigga Shay and Tinc),as well as average Singaporeans (aptly called Changemakers) who have embarked on their own journeys of change. Earlier this year, Ray-Ban made a call for local musicians to showcase their music in their Changemaker Music Contest. The winners, Bakhtiar & Raihan and Kristen Png, each won a mentorship session with Sara (from 53A) and Jack (from Jack In The Box) respectively, as well as a chance to perform alongside their mentors during Ray-Ban’s Party4Change at Timbre @ The Arts House. The event saw a quick question and answer session between the winners, the mentors and the audience, a round-up of the Changemaker sessions from the winners’ perspective and of course, performances from both the winners and mentors.

Bakhtiar & Raihan decided to join the contest after being introduced to it by a friend. Right from the start, they wanted go beyond what they’ve already picked up from being part of Nanyang Polytechnic’s SoundCard (think Glee club). The session with Sara prepared them to perform alongside 53A during Ray-Ban’s Party4Change at Timbre @ The Arts House on 17 September. It may have been a one-off performance, but they madeitclearthatitwon’tbethelastyou’llseeof them. “We’ve been busy doing video projects of our very talented group of friends and are exploring more competitions and gigs,” the duo said.

Kristen, on the other hand, was timid and wary of people’s opinions of her. “I felt that I wasn’t doing anything with my life, and wanted to do something about it,” she said. She chanced upon #Campaign4Change while looking around the Internet to join a singing competition. “I’ve always wanted to be in the music industry but never took the step. Now is the time to change,” she added. After receiving valuable advice from Jack – and later performing with Jack In The Box at Timbre @ The Arts House for Ray-Ban’s Party4Change on 30 September – she feels that she’s now more self-disciplined and notes that she has lots of room to improve on her self-expression and interpersonal communication. Just like Bakhtiar & Raihan, Kristen intends to make a name for herself by “posting more YouTube videos, writing songs and participating in more open mics and performances”.

How have you changed your life today?

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