November 2, 2015

In case you aren’t one of the massive swarms of people at IKEA every weekend, loading up on meatballs, then this should be news to you. Those gorgeous star mobiles and decorative candles and pretty glasses you see there? Well, they’re now available at IKEA.

Head down to the store to see what they’ve put up, and be inspired for your upcoming parties. Oh, and the reason why they’re out this early? That’s probably because they love the holiday season as much as we do, so in their own words, “why wait to start the season”?

The winter collection includes many lighting options, cosy textiles, everything you need for a good wine & dine party, all for you to get a stress-free head start before any of that last-minute madness ensues. Have we mentioned that all these are incredibly affordable? We’re talking about $1.90 glasses here.

Here are some of the best picks:


201620_snvd01a_09_PH129705 Ikea-Winter-Collection-2015

These pendant lamps and paper stars are stunners. You could get as many, or as little as you like; spread them out, or cluster them together. Each time, the effect’s entirely different, but they’d instantly make your room ten times more dreamy and Pinterest-worthy.

colorcheck daniel johansson, ref produkt Colour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen) Colour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen) colorcheck daniel johansson, ref produkt

STRÅLA pendant lamp, star $14.90; STRÅLA pendant lamp, star-shaped $24.90; STRÅLA LED 4-star table decoration, battery-operated $39.90; STRÅLA LED 5-armed candelabra $29.90.

Dining & Baking

201620_snvd01a_08_PH130572 201620_snvd01a_05_PH129956

It could be an intimate gathering you’re going for, or a huge party. Whatever the case, you’d wanna deck the tables with cheery table sets and glasses that add to that special holiday glow. Feast in style with lush red and whites. The handmade champagne glasses are dishwasher-safe as well, and are the perfect match to patterned tall glasses and three-ply napkins made from renewable material. There are also festive red placemats and plates for you to choose from.

ColourCheck Proof: Paulina Persson ColourCheck Proof: Paulina PerssonColour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen) PE551751 PE551765

VINTER 2015 wine glass $3.90/ea; VINTER 2015 champagne glass $4.90/ea; VINTER 2015 champagne glass $9.90/2pcs; VINTER 2015 paper plate $2.90/10pcs; VINTER 2015 tablecloth $19.90.


If you love all things to do with holiday baking – they have baking cups at $3.90/200pc, as well as moulds and nordic-designed tins.


FY16_xmas_vitality_PH129950_250x255 FY16_xmas_vitality_PH129694_250x255

Finally, the stuff that holds everything together. You’ll find lots of candle holders, scented or unscented candles, textiles and gift wraps for you to be creative with how you choose to do up your place. There’s even a Christmas Tree mat with lighting ($49.90), so you could do away with the traditional fir tree but still display your gifts in a whimsical manner.

PE523041 Colour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen) PE553865 Colour Check: Fysiskt Prov (Nils Pedersen)

VISIONÄR decoration $9.90/3pcs; VINTER 2015 decoration for candle in glass $6.90; VINTER 2015 unscented block candle $7.90/ea.

IKEA Winter Collection, now in stores.