November 25, 2015

Def Leppard in Singapore 2015Tue 24 Nov 2015: It’s been 19 years since English rockers Def Leppard performed in Singapore, and last night on the stage at Suntec Convention Hall, they promised that the next time won’t be so long. The five-member band was brought into town by the team at LAMC, who hosted them at Newton Hawker Centre for dinner (someone on Instagram asked if they were charged tourist prices), and a dip in the infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (as in the thing to do if you are a tourist).

I expected a predominantly white expatriate crowd, but from what I witnessed (and what you can see on LAMC’s Facebook page), it was the locals that came out in full force. Common sense tells us that Def Leppard fans are in their 30s and above, though I did see a smaller group of younger 20-somethings who probably know two songs from going to Mambo.

Def Leppard in Singapore 2015A (very) good thing about seasoned rock bands is that they know it’s unnecessary and not nice to make the crowd wait. The crew took to the stage promptly at 8.30pm and kicked off their set with the track “Let’s Go” from their newly released 11th studio album (Def Leppard, 2015). Most of the other songs of the night were hit singles that had those in the pit either fist pumping (“Rocket”) or singing along to (“Two Steps Behind”). Lead singer, Joe Elliott managed to hit all his high notes for “Love Bites”, while co-lead guitarist, Phil Collen spent the entire evening shirtless and showing off his six-packs.

Though there weren’t many digital theatrics throughout the show, that’s not what the crowd came for. The band delivered what they do best: they sang a bunch of really great, nostalgic songs, and performed them well. The highlight for me was “Hysteria”, where they showcased a video montage of highlights from the peak of Def Leppard’s career in the 80s. It’s a flashback through time that yes, makes you feel really old, but at the same time, wishing for the height of rock ’n’ roll again (when it was actually cool).

Back to the fans: you know it’s a successful gig when t-shirts sell out by 8pm and there’s a picture of a girl holding up a sign that says “Joe = Female Viagra”.

—Adele Chan

1. Let’s Go
2. Animal
3. Undefeated
4. Dangerous
5. Love Bites
6. Armageddon It
7. Rock On
8. Two Steps Behind
9. Rocket
10. When Love and Hate Collide
11. Switch 625
12. Hysteria
13. Let’s Get Rocked
14. Pour Some Sugar On Me

15. Rock of Ages
16. Photograph


Aloysius Lim / LAMC Productions