November 24, 2015

… because they’re so darn cute, and super functional too. Well, they’re at least solving the age-old first world problem of what bag to bring when you’re heading out with your girlfriends for drinks at night (one’s too small to fit anything other than your phone and that other one you have is too bulky; sounds familiar?). You could also do with a lot less by bringing this for ZoukOut next month, since the entire festival is going cashless. Besides, it’s super durable, so it’ll be able to handle all that humidity and sweat and grime you’ll be faced with amidst the crowd during, say, Armin van Buuren’s set. FREITAG’s F271 Masikura is basically a double pouch that comes with a shoulder strap. What you see is what you get; no frills, no fuss. It has two zipped sections for you to organise your necessities. It’s also the brand’s slimmest shoulder tote. Whether you go for the plain, matching or twin coloured version, you’ll be doing mother Earth a favour because it’s constructed with recycled truck tarp.

FREITAG F271 Masikura, $150. Available at Actually (orchardgateway #03-18).