November 23, 2015

Can you imagine showering in the morning without any hot water? Sure, there are insanely brave souls who are used to showering in cold water, probably to help them wake up, or because they’ve been doing it all their lives. It’s not something some of us will consciously think about; in fact we take it for granted because, well, you won’t know what you’re missing until you’re missing it. And of course there are those who regard showering as a sacred ritual (you gotta admit, it really is quite therapeutic, no?). Ask yourself this question: do you know what brand your water heater is? Chances are, it’s Ariston. Besides offering just water heaters, they also have boilers, solar heating systems, heat pumps, climate control systems and more. The Vero series is one of the brand’s best selling models, providing instant hot water with the turn of a knob. Umberto Palermo, the Italian designer that Ariston worked with, marries the aesthetics of luxury and performance of excellent technology to further up the appeal of this series. Also, if you’re the paranoid android sort of person, you can put your worries at ease as the Vero series comes with safety features like a built-in auto water flow-sensor device switch, upgraded anti-scalding thermal safety design and cover that is made from high impact, splash proof plastic material that complies to the IP25 standard.

If you’ve never actually put a lot of thought into water heaters, well, you probably will now.

Ariston Vero Series Instant Water Heater, $179. Available at authorised dealers.