November 20, 2015

K-Beauty gradient lips are still a thing, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of abating just yet, as can be seen from how the big brands are still launching gradient lipsticks, and beauty tutorials are still being made to show women how to do gradient lips right. Here are the 3 gradient lipsticks you should know.

LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar


The most high profile two-toned lipstick of the past year would definitely be LANEIGE’s Two Tone Lip Bar. The lipstick comes in a rectangular bullet that’s divided unequally into two shades, with the longer colour meant to be applied on the inside of the lips, and the shorter colour on the outside.

What we like about this product is the comprehensive range of 10 shades that cover the whole spectrum from nude to red, and how the colour pairing for some shades has been done quite unusually, such as a neon pink with neon orange, or a bright vermillion with fuchsia.

$34, available at LANEIGE boutiques.


VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot


VDL’s popular lip tint ups the level with three colours in one. Since this is a lip tint, the colour goes on a lot lighter, but we like the “petal-bitten gradient effect” (VDL’s words) it leaves behind. With the shades including bright pinks and oranges, your lips will look kind of like you’ve been sucking on a particularly colourful lollipop.

$24, available at VDL stores.


Maquillage Dual Colour Rouge


The newest addition to the world of multiple-toned lipsticks is Maquillage’s Dual Colour Rouge. Each shade features one pale colour to function as a lip concealer, and one richer colour to enhance the natural lip colour. No standout shades here; the range of six shades is made of mostly mauves and pinks, so the idea is really just to add a hint of gradient colour while keeping lips looking natural.

POA, available soon at Shiseido counters.