Lip Service

The world of the Lipstick Queen is filled with many characters. First, there is the princess, who kisses the frog prince and finds the love of her life (also known as the perfect shade of rosebud pink). Then there’s the queen of the jungle, who rules over her animal kingdom with a loud mouth; another kind of queen, one of the disco dancefloor, does the boogie-woogie while showing off lip colour like lava. The Hollywood starlet makes her silver screen debut with a luminous, reflective pout; while the A-lister struts down the red carpet with velvety lips as dramatic as the roles she plays. There’s a lot to drool over when it comes to Lipstick Queen’s latest launches – choose your persona, or try them all on for size.


They say you have to kiss a bunch of frogs before you find your prince, but this magical lipstick promises to be Prince Charming in disguise. Don’t be scared off by its outer appearance, which is a violent shade of green; it actually goes on semi-sheer and glossy, reacting to the skin’s pH levels to produce your one-of-a-kind pink tint. So in that sense, everyone’s Prince Charming is unique.

Basically, Lipstick Queen’s founder Poppy King loves her animal prints, but thinks wearing the failsafe red with them is boring. That’s how she got to this silky papaya orange, which also goes on semi-sheer and comes with moisturising properties. This is the right way to be a loudmouth.

Vesuvius is the name of an iconic volcano in Naples, Italy, and this liquid lipstick promises to be positively lava-like: i.e., so bright and molten, it’s practically eruptive. The inspiration behind this is the groovy disco age, when women went super-glamorous with their makeup. You’ll really have to embrace the shine with this one.

This one is for the screen sirens, the ones who want all eyes on them. This lipstick has no time for wallflowers, what with the range of loud colours in attention-grabbing wet-look finishes. Encased in the almost vintage-looking silver cases are shades named after iconic lines from classic films, like Stella!, a show-stopping purple with turquoise undertones (A Streetcar Named Desire), and Have Paris, a classic red (Casablanca).

Founder Poppy King calls this “the lipstick of the red carpet”, for all its dense pigments and intense colour payoff, and the way it drapes the lips in a luxurious velvety layer. As it glides effortlessly across your lips in its golden bullet, you’ll feel like an A-list star.
Lipstick Queen new launches, $34 to $73. Available at escentials stores.