November 25, 2015

You might have popped by McCafé recently for a convenient cup of coffee, after all, with so many of their restaurants islandwide, and probably one just 10 minutes from where you live, they’re hard to miss. And come on, a fragrant cup of cappuccino, made from 100% Arabica beans that rivals others, goes for only $3.20. How’s that for value?

So if you’re the kind used to a grab-and-go coffee, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that McCafé baristas are particularly skilled at this: latte art. The kind you can’t wait to show off on your Instagram feed. We found that out at their Whimsical Christmas Party, where cup after cup of snowflake, snowman and flower designs were brought out to the guests, to get all of us in the mood for the festive season. 

Whimsical Christmas - 13 Whimsical Christmas - 10 Whimsical Christmas - 5

Now, it’s not as easy as simply pouring milk – we learnt that the hard way when we tried our hand at crafting an artisan brew (we failed, duh). It takes some level of hard work and dedication. Each barista goes through at least 100 hours of training to take on the highly technical task of preparing a coffee cup – this involves getting the milk to the precise temperature and texture, and mastering the angle and speed of pour.

Photo Nov 19, 4 44 02 PM Photo Nov 04, 5 37 19 PM

But it’s not just technical stuff. From here on, they’re free to express a little creativity in their creations, with some latte art. A young barista we spoke to at an earlier event says that she often browses websites for inspiration, and then experiments behind the counter, which explains how she came up with some stunning owl, hummingbird and rose designs. Maybe, try asking your favourite barista the next time you’re at one of their outlets?

As for the holiday party, it was a chance for McCafé to show off their creative side, and to impart a little bit of that to the invited guests. Beyond latte art, the participants got to build their own mason jar snow globes, using festive decorations such as fairy lights, washi tape, glitter and whimsical ornaments.

image1 Whimsical Christmas - 7 Photo Oct 18, 4 33 31 PM

They also got a chance to try a particular new item on the menu – these lovely macarons, from France, that are available in vanilla, caramelised biscuit and raspberry flavours. These limited edition treats, from $2.50 each, are now available at their outlets, all the way till 30 December. Way to up the dessert game.

Photo Nov 19, 5 11 49 PM Photo Nov 04, 4 34 13 PM

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