November 6, 2015

It’s a familiar restaurant, with familiar treats like baked rice and great-for-sharing ice cream sundaes, which is why Swensen’s is looking to make their festive menu way more relateable – with nostalgic ice-creams that are a jazzed up version of what you would normally get from ice cream stand uncles.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Sweet Corn Kacang Child's Gem Delight Potong Supreme Pleaser

Firstly, the Sweet Corn Fever Forever, that has red bean, chendol, and corn kernels, together with creamy corn and sweet corn ice cream, kinda like an creamy version of the classic ice kachang.

Next up, Child’s Gem Delight, that’s a combination of never-go-wrong chocolate ice cream embellished with colourful gem biscuits, and Potong Supreme Pleaser, a red bean potong ice cream wafer dipped in chocolate and served on top of another scoop of vanilla ice cream.

These go for $11.50 each, and are available in restaurants from now till 31 December 2015.

Christmas entrées

Chicken Istimewa Swensen's Turkey Burger

As for the two Christmas entrées, they are the Chicken Istimewa ($15.90) and Swensen’s Turkey Burger ($17.90), available respectively in the months of November & December 2015.

The former is an Indonesian dish of succulent grilled chicken, served with achar, prawn cracker and steamed rice, plus that spicy sambal balachan.

On the other hand, the Turkey Burger’s a cross between the familiar Ramly Burger and the American Christmas classic, turkey, this time with fried egg and a grilled pineapple dunked in gula melaka.