November 2, 2015

:CHOCOOLATE’s 9th anniversary this month marks two limited edition collaborations. The first of the two, which is a joint venture between :CHOCOOLATE and Baby Milo, will be exclusively available at a pop-up store at level 1 of Orchard Gateway, from 5 – 11 Nov.

All dressed up in spacesuits, :CHOCOOLATE Penguin, BABY MILO and friends take on the galaxy together in a collection of printed tees, sweaters and an eye-catching embroidered baseball jacket that’ll guarantee you to turn heads on the street. If the bold coloured jackets and prints are not your cup of tea, then the selection of white, grey and navy tee-shirts and hoodies will be the right amount of loud for your taste whether you’re a kid or an adult.


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As for the second crossover collection, you’ll just have to wait till 7th November to check it out at :CHOCOOLATE’S guise Junction and Orchard Gateway outlets. But if you’re looking for a clue, then the keyword is monogram. Think monogrammed hoodies, backpacks and caps.


The :CHOCOOLALTE x BABY MILO® collection is priced from $19.90 – $399, and is available at the Pop-up store from 5 – 11 Nov at Orchard Gateway.