November 5, 2015

Moving into the future means moving into a new realm of technology. While we hate to admit that this would mean moving into the generation of the “social media obsessed”, technology still is a big part of our lives. Present in almost everything we see and touch like our food, our transport and even…our clothes? Yes, even our clothes. Besides creating eco-friendly clothing via advanced expertise, brands are constantly looking for new ways to improve the quality and fit of clothing by utilising only top notch machinery and skills to keep their customers coming back for more, season after season. GUESS’ Smart Denim Technology gives us a taste of what the future of denim could and will be, with their latest range of lust-worthy denim pieces.

We daresay that a good pair of jeans is like a well-fitted bra. It hugs your curves, supports while also flattering your body shape and most of all, it should be comfortable. They’re the one thing that everyone hoards in their wardrobe and are not ashamed of,  because there’s more than a hundred different cuts, styles and washes that it’d probably take a lifetime to collect one of each type.

If you belong to the above-mentioned category of denim hoarders, you are in for a treat. The #SmartDenim range does more than just serve the purpose of a regular pair of pants. Push up, Shape Up, Jetset and Yoga are four styles from the line that are specially designed with the latest technology for denim, catered to provide for women of different lifestyles. They say good things should be taken in moderation, which is precisely why these four styles will be released each month, from now till January 2016.

As of now, one trip to a GUESS store, and the first thing that’ll greet you is their Shape Up Denim and Push Up Denim range.

Shape-Up Denim

smart-denim_1200x1200_05 - SHAPE UP-01 smart-denim_1200x1200_05 - SHAPE UP-02

Just like shapewear, clothing designed to enhance the figure, the Shape Up range accentuates all the right curves with its unique seamless construction without it looking or feeling bulky. Shapewear in the form of denim is thanks to GUESS’s Smart Denim Shape-Shift Technology.

Push Up Denim

smart-denim_1200x1200_10 - PUSH UP-01 smart-denim_1200x1200_10 - PUSH UP-02

And Push up? Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking of. With their lift-up technology, these onyx, deep ink and black coated denim jeggings lifts your body in all the right places and retains it shape even after a couple washes, so you don’t have to think twice before tossing them into the wash. But besides that, you could go hours in ’em and you wouldn’t feel a thing. That’s how comfortable they are, they fit like a glove and they make you look good too.

Jet-Set Denim

Since December is the prime time for people to go on vacation, it’d also be the perfect opportunity to pick up a pair of the Jet Set range as they hit the stores. Frequent travellers have not been forgotten! We know the pain when it comes to dressing for flights; the struggle to look decent while also wanting to avoid squirming in your seat for the next twenty hours is very real. The Jetset pair, with the frequent traveller kept in mind, is designed with weightless technology to produce the softest, most comfortable pair of jeans. We guarantee you’ll think twice before throwing on your sweatpants for a flight.

Yoga Denim

smart-denim_1200x1200_01 - YOGA-01 smart-denim_1200x1200_01 - YOGA-02

And just when you thought that denim couldn’t be any more reinvented, the #SmartDenim range also includes a style for activewear. The Yoga denim range consists of the softest, stretchiest and most lightweight denim to give you unrestricted movement for that yoga class. Made with 100% stretch technology, it looks like denim, feels like denim but stretches way better than denim. Available in four unique washes from January 2016 onwards, just in time for you to include it in your exercise routines for the new year.


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