November 11, 2015

There are just too many cafes and cool places to check out these days, especially around the Tanjong Pagar area. So, instead of relying on a list of addresses and too many website tabs, there’s a better way – a mobile app that brings you the best of the Design District.

That area happens to be a vibrant cluster of creative businesses that have sprouted around the Red Dot Design Museum, and the Design District App is a well-curated walking guide to design shops, cafes, galleries, services, and more, all within 3km of the museum.

Curated by the museum, it’s not comprehensive – which is great, because that’s not what they’re going for. Don’t expect your run-of-the-mill, government-approved tourist spots, think small independent shops and unique watering holes instead. It’s a great way for the local creative community to come together as well.

Lepark Interior 04 Operation Dagger Oxwell & Co

Naturally, the app itself is designed to make it as easy for you to navigate. It’s a simple-to-get interface that sees no wordy text, but succinct quotes by business owners of each establishment.

Some of the featured F&B outlets include Lepark (come lepark la!), Operation Dagger (dangerous drinking water served here) and Oxwell & Company (good stabling, fine ales, real food).

Cycle_Project_Store_9640 Vagabond Woods in the Books

More than that, there are also interesting shops and services to check out, including Cycle Project Store, Vagabond Ink, Woods In The Books.

We scrolled through the app ourselves, and true enough, each place has a beautiful featured image, accompanied with the name, one sentence write-up and distance, all the info you need. Very “aesthetic”, as they say, like a pleasant Instagram feed without the clutter and sponsored ads. Click through, and you’ll go straight to food pictures, or store and product images, followed by infographics that detail what you can find.

2 4

The whole ‘less is more’ mantra works to pique our curiosity, and if you’re intrigued enough, there’s an in-build Google Map that directs you to wherever you want to explore.

Along with the app, the Red Dot Design Museum has also collaborated with local award-winning photographer Alan Lim to publish a Design District Photo Book, as well as host a public exhibition that features selected prints of the book. This will run from 7 to 20 November at the museum, while the  first 1000 copies of the Photo Book will be distributed for free as part of the SG50 Celebration.

The Design District is a non-for-profit initiative of Red Dot Design Museum, created to bring attention to the creative clusters within the Tanjong Pagar, Tiong Bahru and Chinatown district. It aims to offer both local and tourists an alternative creative experience of Singapore, beyond the mainstream attractions. The mobile app is available for download, free, on iOS App Store and Google Play.