November 3, 2015

We admit that when we first laid eyes on the Philips ProCare Auto Curler HPS940/00, we were a tiny bit afraid. First off, the rounded barrel end looked kind of intimidating and nothing like the at-home hairstyling devices we were used to. Second, when we gingerly put a section of hair into the heated barrel, the automatic rolling movement makes a sound that’s a bit loud and scary.

But with this, we achieved a whole head of curls in pretty much record time. How this works is through a heated rotating titanium ceramic barrel that curls each lock of hair – just press the button, and the hair will be automatically rolled into sleek curls.




It’s also possible to change the direction of the curl to left, right or alternating, the heat settings (170°C, 190°C, and 210°C), and the time setting (12 seconds, 10 seconds and 8 seconds), so the variety of curly hairstyles you can do with this Auto Curler is really quite wide.

One thing you do need to be careful of, however, is not to put too much hair into the curler at one time, and to keep all the hair flush to one side before pressing the button to curl. Not doing so might cause the hair to escape from the barrel, and not be curled properly.

The Auto Curler is definitely more efficient than a regular curling tong, but manoeuvring it does take some getting used to, especially to use at the back of the head. It helps that there’s a heat isolating chamber, so you won’t end up with burnt hands. Our advice is to be patient and take some time to practice with this – the bouncy head of curls you’ll end up with is worth it.


Philips ProCare Auto Curler HPS940/00, $239. Available at major department stores and leading electronics stores.