November 6, 2015

The watch you’re wearing can tell a lot about your personality, so it’s always important to find one that really suits you, and not just choose one that looks good on its own, but looks like you borrowed it from your father. Casio Singapore has unveiled its latest addition its premium line-up of Metal Twisted G-SHOCK timepieces, a series of watches that are designed specifically for savvy jetsetters. The new MTG-G1000D is also the last piece that has been added to Casio’s Global Time Sync collection, alongside G-SHOCK, EDIFICE and OCEANUS models. This watch comes equipped with Casio’s proprietary GPS Wave Ceptor Technology, which makes use of radio wave time-calibration and GPS signals to ensure accurate timekeeping, even when you’re crossing time zones. The Dual Coil Motor housed within the case powers the inset dial’s watch hands at the six o’clock position so that it can rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise to show the accurate time. You can also toggle between the world and home time displays on the main and inset dials, perfect for frequent travelers. Other features include a sturdy 198g stainless steel frame that has an improved Core Guard Structure that improves the watch’s shock-resistance through the use of a new spring-like fine resin. To up the shock-resistance of the MTG-G1000D, the watch has been fortified with Casio’s Triple G Resist, which can withstand shocks from drops, gravitational forces and vibration.

G-SHOCK MTG-G1000D, $1,799. Available in limited quantities at all G-Factory stores and Cortina Chinatown.