November 30, 2015

A Starbucks gift card or tumbler is the safest option at your year-end Secret Santa gift exchange, and you know you’ll be in for a lot of those, right about now. Seriously, we’re putting it out there. It’s something everyone can use, I mean, a tumbler holds drinks, and we all drink, even if it’s coffee, tea or plain water. These days, it’s also very, very rare to find someone that hasn’t been to a Starbucks outlet.

So, it makes sense! But a specially-designed Starbucks item, ah, that makes all the difference.

_DSC7801 _DSC7831

And these Anna Sui x Starbucks goodies are a sight to behold. They feature the signature girly, whimsical prints that the designer is known for, and marks another success in product design, especially if you love her quaint lipstick cases and nail polish bottles.

During our interview, it was nice to hear that she was happy about the designs as well. “So much of the success of Anna Sui is that I draw upon all the icons of my brand: the purple, black, and red, the roses, the butterflies,” she shares.

“We found a signature print with roses and black-and-white stripes. And then, from my website, there was a cartoon drawing of my boutique, which I think really captures my whole world.” It’s a world that, rather ironically, stems from her love for rock music, which is the inspiration for a lot of her fashion collections as well. This kinda explains her unusual mish-mash of artsy, bohemian elements, with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe (aside: she loves classic rock such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, as well as her current fave band, Tame Impala).

As for most of her inspiration, for both product design and fashion, she admits to having “the best job in the world”, “because anything that interests me I can research even more and obsess about and usually that’s what I do when I build a collection”.

It helps that she frequents flea markets all around the world as well, since she loves looking at the craftsmanship and detail of the items that she can find there. She speaks excitedly about making the local craft market at Jakarta a priority upon landing, and how she ran through the entire place looking for stuff. “I love the batik fabrics, there was a lot of costume jewellery that the dancers wear, and the porcelain and wood carvings. It was so exciting I had to go back a second time!”

Closer to home, one of her favourite places to visit in Singapore happens to be our Peranakan Museum.  “Each time I’ve been to Singapore, I’ve gone there. I find it fascinating… Just to see the workmanship and love that goes into those kerbayas, they’re so beautiful, even the colours that they use.” Maybe a Peranakan-inspired homeware collection, some time in the future? It’d probably be just as gorgeous as this one.

Set 1 : $128


This consists of the Starbucks Rose Stripe Double Wall Mug,  a nice blend of vintage royal elegance mixed with rock ‘n’ roll, while it also keeps your favourite hot beverage at the ideal temperature. The new Starbucks® Tote bag is practical, chic, and instantly recognizable, while the Anna Sui x Starbucks® Card comes beautifully designed, and enables us to register for My Starbucks Rewards and comes with a $20 value.

*The above set is only available at the following Starbucks outlets: Liat Towers, Westgate, United Square, Raffles City, and Capital Tower, and only 500 sets are available.

Set 2 : $59.90


The Starbucks Boutique Double Wall Mug features Anna Sui’s iconic boutique artwork as well as a replica of a dress from Anna Sui’s fashion line inspired by Marie Antoinette. ThAnna Sui x Starbucks® Card, of $20 value, is also included.

Set 2 is available at all stores, and only 1,000 sets are available.

Set 3 : $30


Inspired by Anna Sui’s iconic boutique, the Anna Sui x Starbucks® Card is not only beautifully designed, but also enables us to register for My Starbucks Rewards. This program offers customers a variety of exclusive offers and benefits. (comes with a $30 value).

Set 3 is available at all stores.