November 9, 2015

As a model and NYLON cover girl, Liv Lo‘s a certified gorgeous person. You may even say she won the genetic lottery, what with her Taiwanese-Italian descent and all. But here’s proving that she’s way more than that – as a yoga teacher, who also has a helpful YouTube series, she’s now the proud designer of a line of yoga wear, made in collaboration with local label Love, Bonito.

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The Liv Lo x Love, Bonito collection, or #LIV4LB as it’s called, sees plenty of high-performance sportswear, made from light, breathable fabric. Apart from how good the line looks, it’s truly the materials that make the brand’s first sportswear collection count.

A cropped tank features the word ‘Blissed’, which goes really well with a pair of capri tights, with the same mint accents. That’s made of stretch knit for you to feel comfortable when stretching and moving around. A padded crop top flatters your shoulders, and shows off some of that hard-earned abs, while keeping you cool too.

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“It took about a year from conception to completion,” says Liv Lo on her website. “This is Love, Bonito’s first foray into sportswear and so it was a process to find the right factories for production. Everyone knows yoga pants are not easy to make because of the amount of movement involved. The material must be lightweight, durable, look good from every angle, and most of all comfortable.”

“From the elasticity to the opacity, we had a lot of back and forth discussions to get the cuts, fit, and materials just right,” she continues.

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For yoga buffs, there’s a always-positive ‘Yoga Makes Me Happy’ slogan tank, a lightweight top made of breathable fabric that gets you in the mood to start your day right, as well as a sporty crop hoodie that’s perfect for a chilly day, or after a gym workout. Overall, it’s a pretty subdued palette of black, along with accents of green, blue and purple, but we like that the line is kept simple and functional, with positive vibes all around.

#LIV4LB collection, priced at $28 for a cropped tank to $45 for a cropped hoodie.