November 16, 2015

Since they literally have the word ‘avant-garde’ in their vocabulary, you’d think the French would know a thing or two about experimenting, being different, setting the trends and all that. And that’s where the face of Luisa Via Roma‘s Sound of Style project, Petite Meller, comes in.

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The Parisian pop singer is the epitome of quirky fashion, and this series of shots show her off in exactly that way. Cue artistically-overexposed photos, platinum locks and a combination of babydoll dresses and heavy-handed blush that makes her look like a doll, which she somehow magically pulls off.

Read on, and you’ll find that the star, with her sweet voice and face, is more than just her appearance: she boldly speaks with the power of a fearless creative.

“All my songs are written about philosophy concepts and ideas, for example ‘Backpack’ talks about how to take what you carry from your past. Basically to wear your trauma proudly,” says the singer in the interview, citing Freud as one of her favourite influences.

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“Everyone should take what used to hold them back and just be proud of it and use it as an artist,” she says, mostly because her lyrics and music stem from deep, not-so-pretty parts of her past, which she then turns into something she finds joy in. How’s that for maturity?

Scroll all the way down for a series of editor’s picks that totally nail her style, and where you can shop the look as well. Roger Vivier pumps, Gucci dress, and Vivienne Westwood earrings, all helpfully included.

For the luxury e-retailer, it’s a great way to get us to be inspired – first, by the artists, followed by their philosophies, lifestyles, and how they’re dressed. Here’s hoping that the next Sound of Style star’s gonna be just as interesting.