November 20, 2015

We’re all the by-product of everyone and everything around us. We take whatever little thing we like from them and make it our own, which essentially makes us who we are – character traits, fandom obsessions, food we like, the clothes we wear and even the music we listen to. It’s just a natural phenomenon, really, and Nixon has decided to go back to where they came from to find inspiration for their latest collection. Inspired by the surroundings back at their headquarters in Encinitas, California, Nixon sought out to provide a special insight into the various stories of the brand. The new collection takes the best details from workwear aesthetics and blended it in with modern coastal detail – a juxtaposition of the new and old, a sort of respectful nod to the weathered and torn while embracing everything new.

One of them is the Rose Gun Burnished Collection, which has a series of watches that embody punk rock luxury – not so much on the whole anti-establishment front and anti-authoritarian ideologies, but more of the DIY ethic and fashion surrounding this 70s musical movement. It was a worldwide cultural phenomenon that rejected any association with the mainstream, and later became a subculture that expressed youth rebellion through characteristics styles of clothing and accessories. The distinctive features of the watches in this collection lie in the polished rose gold casings that are paired with a scratched and hammered gunmetal dial and Horween leather, which will look better with age.

NIXON The Rose Gun Burnished Collection, $199-$668. Available at the CLOUT 9 Store (Wheelock Place #02-09 & Capitol Piazza #B1-32).