December 30, 2015

It’s rare that we get something new and exciting at the end of the year, since it’s all about retrospect, but hey, McDonald’s is looking to defy convention here. That’s why they’ve decided to time the launch of the Prosperity Menu right on the last day of 2015. That’s right, you’ll be able those Twister Fries on 31 December, along with a whole host of other items.

First up, the Prosperity Meal, comprising a Beef or Chicken Prosperity Burger, Twister Fries, Yuzu McFizz, and for dessert, the Pineapple Nata de coco Pie (from $8.90). You’ve probably already tried the burgers where each patty is paired with the fast food restaurant’s signature black pepper sauce, then topped with onions. As for the new pie ($1.20), it brings together refreshing pineapple bits and nata de coco in a crunchy shell, something different from the usual apple one.

Just as well, there’s also a Pineapple McFlurry with Cookie Crumble (from $2.90) that sees our favourite sundae mixed with pineapple-flavoured sauce and cookie bits, sure to be a hit among those who like their desserts slightly more tart. Another addition, that has just as much tropical flair, is the Pineapple Custard Tart (from $4.95), made with creamy custard and pineapple chunks, plus a crisp tart crust, and then topped with coconut flakes. This will only be available at McCafe outlets.

Finally, the Banana Flavoured Cone (from $0.80) rounds up the tropical desserts, as this soft serve comes infused with a whole lot of banana flavour – you can request for it to come in Flavourburst and ChocoCone variations as well.

Get ready to eat your way into the new year.