December 8, 2015

In a time when the American manufacturing industry was roaring, there was a very high demand for clothes that were sturdy, rugged and of high quality, which wouldn’t necessarily make you perspire profusely in places you never knew you could. Ben Davis, a San Francisco-based company, began filling in the gaps with its clothing line – mainly for construction workers back then, but later caught on with the Chicano, caucasian and filipino youth communities. It then spread to Los Angeles and eventually, other parts of the U.S. Fun fact: Jacob Davis, the grandfather of the company’s founder Benjamin Franklin Davis, played an instrumental role in the creation of the original Levi’s jeans.

Today, this truly American brand has garnered a rich history of design in California, as well as influence in street and skateboarding culture. They’ve also been pretty popular in some music-related subcultures, particularly West Coast rappers. Beastie Boys, Kid Rock and Ice Cube have all mentioned the brand in their music, while Eazy-E actually wore a Ben Davis shirt in one of his music videos. With such affiliations to pop culture, it’s no wonder DC Shoes teamed up with Ben Davis for a capsule collection. The Fall 2015 collection features Ben Davis’ iconic smiling gorilla branding and tough workwear aesthetic across apparel like pants, button-ups, a jacket and shoes to help you get from home to the office, and straight to the bar.

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Ben Davis x DC Shoes Collection, $59-$139. Available at DC Cineleisure Orchard and Quiksilver Orchard Central and VivoCity.