December 10, 2015

When a food joint has an official Instagram account with the name “shakeembuns”, you know you’re in for some cheeky business, all juicy, saucy and satisfying – we’re talking about their burgers, duh. But it’s that kind of brazen attitude that draws us to all-american diner and bar, OverEasy Orchard, at Liat Towers, which boasts an updated menu different from their first outlet at One Fullerton. That, and any one of their sinful milkshakes, will appease any ravenous appetite.

Here’s a place that’s literally a few steps away from the main Orchard Road stretch, yet not flooded with lights or with seats that are too sleek for comfort. Instead, it’s an 80s American diner, a modern one. Less of that Universal Studios glitz, but still with booth seats, pastel cushioned chairs, neon light, geometric murals and linoleum tiles.
But it’s really the food that we want to talk about – that is, hearty diner classic fare, that will leave you feeling stuffed, but still going for more. Here are some of the highlights from the menu:

A dedicated Mac & Cheese section, $12 – $22

You know it’s good when there’s a special section of the menu set aside for this all-American comfort dish.There’s a Good Ol-Fashioned($12), or Truffled with Wild Mushrooms ($16), while the Mac & Cheeks version ($22) is doused in gruyere and béchamel cheese sauce with braised Australian beef cheeks and herbs. They’re all great if you like your mac & cheese baked and crusty on the outside, and delightfully gooey on the inside, especially when served on a warm pan.

Waffles & Wings, $22

Sounds like a weird combination, but this mix of sweet and savoury has been making its rounds at hip cafes and restaurants alike. Not everyone gets it right though – the chicken has to be crispy on the outside with a juicy centre, so that the waffles remain crisp instead of soggy. Thankfully, this hits the mark, while served with ample drizzles of maple syrup and honey butter.

The Truffle Burger, $28

We tried this, and we dare say it converted a non- burger eater. The juicy beef patty, cooked medium rare, had a huge part to play of course, but the supporting cast of house-made truffle mayonnaise, sautéed onions and mushrooms just pushes it to “pretty damn good”.

An off-the-menu special: Beer Can Chicken, $58

Whisper this order the next time you’re there, and your friends/date will be impressed. That’s because the eye-opening, and cheeky, centrepiece is a chicken served whole, after 24 hours of meticulous marinating, and presented in a way where a beer can is stuck up its behind. You’ll be in for a nicer shock though, when you realise the chicken’s that much more fragrant and tender.

Milkshakes & Floats, $9 – $18

Thick and fluffy, the Smokey The Bear milkshake, with bananas and smoked maple syrup, is a popular choice. That said, if you’re feeling a bit more wild, try the spiked ones, including a Bacon Bourbon Milkshake that has bacon and maple whiskey, triple sec, egg and vanilla ice cream.

OverEasy Orchard
541 Orchard Road, #01-01, Liat Towers, Singapore 238881 Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11am – 11pm
Follow them on Instagram at @shakeembuns.