December 10, 2015

You’ve probably learnt by now that your choice of travel companion is of the utmost importance. Choose wrongly, and you’ll find your holiday marred by even the littlest of annoyances, like the person who complains incessantly, but does nothing to help. Or the person who insists on scrimping and saving just a little too much. Or that person that demands everyone else does what he or she wants.

On the other hand, there’s the other kind of travel companion that makes everything a bit easier. Maybe it’s a razor-sharp sense of direction, or just a willingness to take initiative. Or maybe it’s just ensuring the itinerary is extremely well-planned. It’s really the small things like these that tend to make a trip.

That’s how we see the products in the MUJI To Go range: travel companions that make life easier for you while on the go, in small, practical ways. Mainly, it’s to make travel lighter as many of the items are made with very lightweight materials – because you’ll really be surprised at how carrying a little less weight can make travelling around exponentially more enjoyable. And when it comes to packing, you’ll be surprised at how adding a bunch of MUJI’s assortment of cases into your luggage can make things so much neater, and easier to find. Also, there are enough things to worry about when catching a plane ride, so things like having the Boston Bag around to pack in all the things that won’t fit into your luggage, or the comfortably soft Neck Cushion to help you sleep a little better while up in the air, will help lots.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride – MUJI To Go is definitely the kind of companion you can do that with.


ASSORTMENT CASE, $14.60 TO $20.90

These are kept really lightweight by the nylon material they’re made of (it’s the same kind of nylon used for paraglider wings). They’re available in a bunch of sizes, so you can mix and match to have them compartmentalise your luggage perfectly, and satisfy the OCD monster in you.



Here’s a problem we always face: Toiletries racks in hotels and hostels never seem to be able to fit all the stuff we need. With this case, all your toiletries are nicely packed in compartments, plus you now have a portable personal dresser, since the attached hook allows it to be hung anywhere.


Luggage wheels stoppers aren’t something you think about, until the train or bus you’re in jerks and your luggage goes careening down the aisle. MUJI’s luggage comes with this very necessary stopper, and the hard shells come in a bunch of colours and sizes to suit your taste.



You’ll appreciate the value of this bag the most when you desperately need the extra space to fit in all that shopping. The paraglider cloth material keeps it super lightweight, yet hardy – you can fill up the whole 29 litres worth of space in this bag without worrying about it tearing on you.



Believe it or not, this cape can be used in the height of summer, too. The cotton knit material has been UV cut, which means it can isolate UV rays and prevent sunburns while keeping you feeling cool; it helps with keeping warm in cooler temperatures too.



Five million mini beads in each cushion is what makes this so comfortable, no matter your sleeping position – the beads and the soft, stretchable fabric allows the cushion to change shape and fit the contours of your head and neck, even if you move about. You’ll be the envy of everyone else struggling to fall asleep on the plane.



MUJI To Go, $1.90 to $449. Available at MUJI stores and on