December 10, 2015

People who go for a quick getaway over the weekend usually only bring a duffle bag. But isn’t it ironic that you’ll have to lug it on your shoulder everywhere you go when the whole point of the getaway is to relax? There’s nothing wrong with packing everything into a luggage case, even if you don’t have the option to check them in. RIMOWA has a whole variety of products that can help you pack and travel smart; and yes that includes carry-on cases as well.

Depending on which end of the spectrum you’re on, chances are, you’ll find packing a real chore. You’re either really good at it, or you’ll end up like one of our writers, who once packed a week’s worth for a three-day trip. “I like options,” he says. But really, which go with them. What if you have an impromptu night out? You’re basically giving yourself little to no room for options. So many out ts, so little time. But if you insist on being that traveller who packs more than you can carry, at least do it in style, instead of lugging around a huge duf e bag. Do it with RIMOWA. From their patented premium cases made of aluminium and polycarbonate (they’ve been producing them for the past 115 years, so you’re in good hands) to smaller bags for personal items or toiletries, pack smart to travel smart.

RIMOWA Topas Titanium Collection, $1,250-$2,310; Women’s Purse L, $264; Passport Cover (Sturdy Leather), $124. Available at RIMOWA stores (Mandarin Gallery #01-02 & The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands #B2M-236). rimowa.com/en-sg

• Choose a suitcase with good wheels, even if it’s for a short getaway. RIMOWA’s Topas Titanium collection, which incorporates the patented MultiWheel® System, is excellent for manoeuvring, making it a breeze to travel on uneven terrain.

• Travel light because you should spend your energy enjoying the holiday, instead of struggling with your luggage. Salsa Air from RIMOWA’s polycarbonate range is one of the lightest around, weighing only 1.9kg for the cabin-sized model.

• Compartmentalise all your small items and pack them into pouches by categories so it’s easier to find them once checked into your accommodation (e.g. toiletries, wires, charges, etc).

• Also, make use of the shoe and laundry bags that come with any luggage in the Topas Titanium collection to further invoke the neat freak in you. You’ll thank yourself later.

• You’ll want to keep the most important document somewhere safe. RIMOWA’s passport holder is treated with a special processing technique and bears the brand’s signature grooved design. Also, it’s pretty so why not? It’ll complete whatever outfit you’ve got on to the airport.

• It’s a good habit to keep your cards and home currency in one wallet, and foreign currency in another. When you’re out, just bring whatever amount of money you need and keep the rest in the hotel’s safe. RIMOWA’s Women’s Purse L comes with an extra pouch you can use to keep all the remaining cash and cards that you don’t need to bring out. Convenience at its best.

• If you’re the sort that usually shops to the point where you need to buy an additional bag, RIMOWA has an Add-A-Bag holder that can hold an additional 6kg of extra weight.

• Subtle touches on RIMOWA’s luggages, like the extendable telescopic handle, comes without any pre-set stages so that you can maximise mobility, allowing you to travel without much hassle.

• Waiting to pick up your luggage at the baggage carousel? RIMOWA’s iconic grooves are hard to miss, and is one of the unique brands whose products look better the more you use it.

• It’s no secret how luggages are handled at airports. If you want to keep everything inside in place and not let them topple everywhere, RIMOWA’s Flex-Divider system works perfectly, even when the luggage is placed vertically (standing). It’ll save you the embarrassment of your items falling out everywhere, if you were to be stopped at Immigration to have your luggage checked.