December 17, 2015

There seems to be a recent trend of Korean food and beverage franchises setting up shop in Singapore – coffee, churros, and the chicken dish called jjimdak are all examples that have landed on our shores in the past month or so. But here’s one that we’re particularly excited about: POPCORN ICE CREAM.

popcorn ice creams
Towering soft serve ice cream covered in flavoured popcorn, for a contrasts of textures and a very sweet treat. What’s not to love? One of the popular desserts on the streets of Korea, it’s definitely one of those desserts that seems to be borne out of an unexpected, yet somewhat genius, combination of two foods.

At the start of this month, Singapore got its first popcorn ice cream outlet as Korean brand Sweet Monster opened its first store in Plaza Singapura. Besides a range of popcorn ice cream options, the brand’s menu also includes regular soft serve with a variety of toppings, beverages like coffee and ice blended drinks, and cake.

And this weekend, Sweet Monster will be opening its second outlet at Bugis Junction. From their website, it seems a third outlet at Velocity@Novena Square is in the works. Talk about rapid expansion – but not that we’re complaining, of course. This might just overtake a certain other rapidly-expanding frozen yoghurt franchise as the dessert of the moment.


Sweet Monster, opening at M01-K1 Bugis Junction on 18 Dec 2015. Also at #B2-49 Plaza Singapura.