December 7, 2015

It’s hard not to immediately associate burlesque star Dita Von Teese with red lipstick. After all, she’s hardly (by hardly, we actually mean “never”) seen without her trademark red lips, alongside perfectly-coiffed blue-black hair and the tattooed beauty mark on the top of her left cheek.

Speaking of beauty marks, Von Teese launches a new book named after exactly that this month. Your Beauty Mark is a beauty bible of sorts, but knowing her, this is not going to tell you to conform to traditional beauty rules. As she told, “My book isn’t just: Here’s what you should do. My book is very much: This is how it makes me feel; maybe it will make you feel the same way. Or maybe it won’t! It’s very open and respectful of people’s individuality.”

DITA_VON_TEESE_beauty_72 MAC_DitaVonTeese_Lipstick_white_72dpiCMYK_1

In conjunction with this book launch, there’s going to be a Dita Von Teese red lipstick hitting the market. And who else but M.A.C to make this lipstick – Von Teese has had strong links to the brand since becoming one of their VIVA GLAM ambassadors in 2006, and she’s claimed the iconic Ruby Woo shade as one of her go-to reds.

So, the Von Teese red is a vivid matte tomato red, complete with a stylised imprint of her name on both the lipstick bullet and the case. This one will be an online exclusive for M.A.C Singapore: get it only on the TANGS e-store, starting 18 December 2015.


M.A.C Dita Von Teese, available on from 18 Dec.