December 2, 2015

Casio’s G-SHOCK Master Of G watch is undeniably tough. Since its introduction in the late ’90s, the model has been associated with being made for the outdoors, thanks to its mud-resistant design. In 2011, the Master Of G was given a global platform, as Casio’s SHOCK THE WORLD campaign that year presented a collection of four toy robot designs that integrated the G-SHOCK models, created in collaboration with Hong Kong toy designers adFunture.

Four years on, adFunture and Casio have partnered up again, this time to create a new collection of robots exclusively for Singapore, showcasing the latest Master Of G watches, the Gravity Master GPW-1000, Mud Master GWG-1000, and Gulf Master GWN-1000.

From left to right: the Mud Master, Gulf Master and Gravity Master.

adFunture founder Eddi Yip was in town at Casio’s Plaza Singapura G-FACTORY store, to tell us a bit more about this range of three new robots. “I think the story and visuals are much stronger this time around,” he says. “There’s a more direct link between each specific watch and its name and function, and the character design itself.”

Eddi Yip at the Casio G-FACTORY store

Eddi Yip at the Casio G-FACTORY store

According to Yip, this means details like army camouflage-inspired colours on the Mud Master robot (“so you can picture a soldier wearing this”), and a grey stripe down the strap of the Gravity Master, reminiscent of the body of Black Stealth fighter planes. The strap designs are the work of streetwear label VEIL, which is also headed by Yip.

Yip also brought us through how closer inspection of each of the robots reveals more strong links between the character and watch design. For example, the pattern on the grey face of the Gravity Master watch is the same pattern found on the feet of the robot; the design of the button on the Mud Master is repeated on design elements on the robot’s body; and red accents can be seen on both the Gulf Master watch and its accompanying robot.

The colours have also been toned down this time round, if you’ve noticed this different. “I didn’t like 100% of what was done before,” says Yip. “The colours were brighter – this time around, the colours got toned down. It’s for a more mature market.” He admits that his personal taste has also changed over the last four years. “Now, I like simpler things,” he states.

He counts New York artist Futura and  Swedish-Portuguese artist André Saraiva, who’s behind the iconic stick-figure character Mr. A, as his design inspirations. “I work with a lot of character designers because of adFunture, and I particularly pay attention to those whose art my mother will say, ‘It’s nice.’ My mother doesn’t know graphics, but if she smiles, that means this person’s art can communicate to all levels of individuals, and that’s important,” he explains.

In a sense, the updated Master of G robot designs are the same. They’re simple and straightforward – one glance brings across the element of toughness that both watch and robot represent, yet a closer look uncovers cleverly-linked design elements that help tell the story of each model. “This is very different from the previous project, it didn’t have the same effect then,” says Yip. “Now, it can (tell a story). We always hope that these are not puzzles – now, this is complete.”


Casio G-SHOCK Master Of G Designer Collection, $649 to $1,099. Available at all G-FACTORY stores from 11 Dec.