The Pantone Universe 2016 Colours Of The Year Makeup Collections

Pantone, the global colour authority, announced earlier this month that for the first time ever there will be two colours of the year: and for 2016, they are Rose Quartz, a feminine light pink, and Serenity, a cool pastel blue. Pantone presented these two shades as a gradient, with Rose Quartz gently fading into Serenity, creating just about the prettiest colour combination we’ve seen.
So Rose Quartz and Serenity are set to play a significant role in the product launches of 2016. The beauty industry was one of the quickest to pick it up, with two major brands already announcing Pantone 2016 Colours Of The Year makeup collections. What we already know: These are really, really hard to resist.

sephora pantone

First of all, don’t get too excited just yet – Sephora has been doing Pantone Universe collaborations for the past few Colours of the Years, but none of these collections have ever made it to local Sephora stores. No news yet on whether the 2016 version will be a global release, but our hunch is it’ll (very unfortunately) be only for the US. But of course, there’s alway vPost, or picking them up yourself if you’re going to be in the US anytime early next year. The anchor products seem to be the two matte lipstick shades that come in a Rose Quartz-Serenity gradient case that’s impossible to resist; there’s also an eyeshadow palette filled with shades reminiscent of watercolours, and a lip gloss set of bright pastels.
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Again, VDL is no stranger to Pantone-themed collections, and of course they’re getting into the 2016 Colour Of The Year game as well. We first spotted the collection on NYLON Korea’s Instagram, as the brand held a press preview in Seoul for Korean media earlier this month, and we immediately got extremely excited. Just look at that palette – 12 colours featuring Rose Quartz and Serenity, of course, and also 10 other neutrals and pastels that we already can tell are very wearable. We also spotted a pastel lilac lipstick in VDL’s iconic Lip Cube shape, and sporting that Rose Quartz-Serenity gradient on the outside.
Sorry to disappoint a second time, but no word yet that this will be launched in Singapore. What we do know is that it’ll hit VDL Korea stores in spring of 2016; but at least Seoul is relatively near, and we suspect it’ll be quite easy to get our hands on this, one way or other.