December 16, 2015

If you see some of your colleagues waving their phones around like a maniac in front of their computers, you can be rest assured that it’s not because there’s an infestation of mosquitoes or sandflies in his or her cubicle. Ahead of the worldwide release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens tomorrow (or rather, in less than nine hours), Google has just unleashed one of the coolest Star Wars-themed app. They unleashed a new Chrome experiment called “Lightsaber Escape”, which essentially turns your smartphone into a lightsaber to escape the clutches of the First Order in your computer’s browser. It has pretty fuss-free instructions to get started. Head over to the Lightsaber Escape site and just follow the on-screen instructions. Then go to the same URL on your smartphone to calibrate. Once calibrated, you’ll begin the game by learning how to fend off shots from a single Stormtrooper before you move on into the actual gameplay, which, by the way, is fairly simple as well. You’ll need to get through a few waves before you can actually escape the dreaded Star Destroyer. Our team had a go at it (it really takes a while to get used to it, and a fairly decent WiFi connection) and finished it in about six minutes.


You might want to hold off till’ you get home lest you get fired for… swinging your phone around when you should be working.