December 9, 2015

We love getting someone a good beauty gift, be it a beautifully packaged coffret or the latest limited edition Christmas makeup palette. But if you think about it, sometimes such gifts end up lying unused throughout the new year – so it might be a better idea to gift a beauty gift card.

If you think a beauty gift card might seem like you didn’t put in much effort into picking your gift, stay with us here. It’s hard to resist a free beauty service like a manicure, hairstyling or eyelash extension session, and the recipient at least retains some freedom in choosing how they want to use your gift (so you won’t be forcing anything they might not like on them).


This is where Vanitee, an app that connects users to local businesses providing beauty services (read more about them here), comes in this Christmas. They’re offering gift voucher sets ranging in value from $20 to $100, so whoever you give it to can treat themselves with a nice mani/pedi or makeover – Vanitee’s service providers also do house calls, so all the pampering can be done right at home. Whoever said vouchers made bad gifts?


Images from: Vanitee gift vouchers, $20 to $100. Available on