December 23, 2015

Sometimes, having the best smartphone camera isn’t enough, especially when you’re talking about a holiday trip, where you could be skiing down a slope, paragliding, bungee jumping, hiking across rivers and forests, or even plain old walking about and exploring cities and towns.

Is it really enough to remember those moments in Blair Witch-style, shaky cam videos? We don’t think so. We’d rather rely on this tiny device, the Polaroid CUBE+, that’s able to capture all those moments in full HD. Without any of those shaky camera action too.

Like it’s predecessor, the Polaroid CUBE, and at just 35mm across, it’s unbelievably tiny, yet packed with a full range of capabilities, including image stabilisation. This time though, there’s a holy grail you’re sure to love: Wi-Fi. That alone puts this hot young thing miles ahead of the older model.

Having Wi-Fi means you get to connect the device to your smartphone, which is great for these three things.

  • The Cube+ app allows you to use your phone’s screen as a viewfinder so you know exactly what you’re capturing
  • You get to toggle with the camera settings
  • Get ready to yell “first” because you can instantly transfer videos and photos to your phone, in order to edit and share them right onto Instagram or Facebook.

All the other features are still there, and that includes a wide 124º viewing angle (great for selfies), HD recording up to 1440p, and the ability to take photos as well (upgraded to 8-megapixels photos, from the previous 6-megapixels). Plus, the weather-resistant and splash-proof model comes in three shades: red, blue and black. It’s one of the more affordable action cameras around too, so you might want to invest in this for your upcoming #wanderlust trip.

Polaroid CUBE+, priced at $240, available at Cathay Photo, including Peninsula Plaza, #01/11-14, and Marina Square, #02-215-216.