January 27, 2016

…unless of course you already have the equipment to do that already (i.e. cameras and rigs). While virtual reality may not be something new to us, 360˚ videos are a whole other thing altogether. While they’ve also been around for some time, they only really started to take off last year. 360˚ videos are a big freakin’ deal cause they open up new opportunities for the entertainment media production industry. The camera records footage from a full 360˚x180˚ field of view, and and all that will be processed into a spherical video that you can interact with. YouTube began supporting these videos from March last year, letting you watch videos from basically any direction you want. Some examples below:

YouTube has a whole channel dedicated to 360˚ videos.

If you haven’t already heard, Nikon is hopping on board with a new wearable action camera that’s capable of recording 360˚ videos in 4K UHD. The KeyMission 360 is the first of Nikon’s actions cameras that will be released some time in Spring this year, along with a slew of dedicated accessories. The reference models of the KeyMission 360 were on full display at this year’s CES, and it boasts an image sensor and lens combination on two opposite sides of the camera, which combines captured images to create a single realistic and high definition 360˚ image output. It’s even waterproof up to 30 meters without any additional housings and is resistant to dust, shock and low temperatures. Forget fisheye action cams that seemingly let you go “pro” and opt for this little baby to bring on your soul-searching journeys into the wilderness.

It’s a technological breakthrough for Nikon as they take their expertise in imaging technology into an innovative direction to give their users the best experience possible with the new KeyMission 360. Hiroaki Ono, General Manager for the International Marketing Division Imaging Group of Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd added “We begin this immersive journey of storytelling through a reliable companion that views the world in true 360 degrees.”