January 18, 2016

You’ve already had your fair share of twister fries (we hope), best served crispy and piping hot, so here’s a new way of eating them. Instead of pairing them with old-favourites of the Prosperity Burgers, try this, McDonald’s latest new food item, the Golden Treasure Chicken Burger.

You can tell it’s a unique CNY offering due to its name, and true to style, its sauce is a mix of sweet, savoury, spicy and tangy all at once. This comes with a grilled chicken patty though, topped with caramerlised onions, lettuce and mushroom slices, within a corn-dusted roll. The new Golden Treasure Chicken Burger (from $6.30) will be served from 18 January, alongside the Beef and Chicken Prosperity Burgers (from $5.30) and Twister Fries (from $3.20) while stocks last.

As an added treat, you’ll also get to redeem a pack of McDonald’s exclusive red packets with every purchase of a Golden Treasure Chicken Burger Extra Value Meal. These are available from 21 January at all McDonald’s stores in Singapore (excluding Nanyang Poly, NUS, NTU, Singapore Poly, Temasek Poly, McDonald’s self-ordering kiosks and McCafe), while stocks last!


Exclusive Red Packets Grand Celebration Bundle

If you’re looking to order in though, there’s always McDelivery to turn to. Since we’ll all be having gatherings soon, they’ve nicely offered bundles meals that cater to different party sizes, so we can indulge in the comfort of our own homes.

  • Grand Celebration Bundle, $49.80 (serves 5-6) — 2 Prosperity Beef Burgers, 2 Prosperity Chicken Burgers, 1 Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets (20pc), 4 Twister Fries (M), 2 Jasmine Green Tea (M), 3 Coca-Cola (M), 3 Pineapple Nata de Coco Pie, 2 Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Celebration Bundle, $22.80 (serves 2-3) — 1 Prosperity Beef Burger, 1 Prosperity Chicken Burger, Chicken McNuggets (6pc), 2 Twister Fries (M), 2 Yuzu McFizz, 2 Pineapple Nata de Coco Pie
  • Deluxe Celebration Bundle, $29.80 (serves 3-4) — 1 Prosperity Beef Burger, 1 Prosperity Chicken Burger, 1 Filet-O-Fish, Chicken McNuggets (9pc), 3 Twister Fries (M), 3 Coca-Cola (M), 2 Pineapple Nata de Coco Pie, 1 Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Sharing Bundle, $21.80 (serves 4) — Chicken McNuggets (20pc), McWings (4pc), 4 Pineapple Nata de Coco Pie, 2 Twister Fries (M)

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