January 27, 2016

Just when you thought politics today couldn’t get weirder, the folks at Sound of Power (SOP) have released a new, limited edition, desktop speaker – in the shape of Kim Jong-un’s head. Oh yes, you can now choose to blast your Top 40s or indie tracks through the receding porcelain hairline of North Korea’s shining dictator.


It’s a mind-blowing creation, but we take our hats off to artist Petro Wodkins, who’s created an entire mini series. Inspired by classical porcelain busts, Wodkins combines practicality with art, and has made it his mission to turn Powerful People of the world into desktop speakers – to “play the people who play the world”. Hear hear. Personally, the detail on Kim is stunning; from the expression of bored discontent down to the exquisitely crafted double chin, the supreme leader was born to be a bust. And if Kim isn’t quite your commander of choice, there are also the esteemed heads of Margaret Thatcher and Vladimir Putin (first model in the series!) to broadcast your music.


The concept may be delightfully tongue-in-cheek, but these speakers are proper quality sound systems too. Kim Sunshine, Maggie, and St. Vladimir come with full-range 4” drivers, built in base reflex, and even a bluetooth 20W amplifier for handy access to music on all your devices. Naturally, getting your hands on these bad boys doesn’t come easy – there are only 100 of each bust in the world, retailing for €1,111 a pop. But if you really do manage to land one, we strongly recommend some Nicki Minaj.


Sound of Power Kim Jong-un bust, available at sound-of-power.com.