January 8, 2016

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of neglecting yourself and taking everything around you for granted because we’re busy trying to strike a balance with work, friends, partner, family, hobbies and pretty much everything else. We don’t stop to smell the roses (even though it’s so rare to just see one pop out of nowhere in our concrete jungle), to say thank you to someone who holds the door open for you or to even appreciate the 11 months of haze- less air we enjoy every year. Another thing that is often overlooked is the importance of clean water. Sure, we can drink straight from the tap but you could take it further with the OSIM uPure 2 Water Purifier. The unique 4-step purification process removes almost all of the known bacteria in tap water to give you 99.99% pure, clean water every day (the bacteria reduction performance test is in compliance with the Japan Water Purifier Association Voluntary Standards for Water Purifiers). The preliminary filter removes large suspended particles like sediments and rusts while high grade granular activated carbon removes chlorine and odour. The hollow filament membrance traps microscopic stains, red dust, coliform bacilli, bacteria and protozoa and finally, the mesh filter acts as the last assurance for safer, cleaner water.

OSIM uPure 2, $139. Available at all OSIM stores. From now till 31 January, purchase OSIM’s Wellness Set which comprises of the uPure 2 and uMist Dream (U.P. $99.90) for $188.