Slime Shoes or Fancy Footwear? Your Pick

When people said Dr. Martens shoes are a work of art, they weren’t kidding. And now that the beloved British brand has released a collection inspired entirely by a real Renaissance painting – well, you can’t say they don’t deliver.
The painting in question is the Triumph of Camillus – a 15th Century masterpiece by Italian Renaissance painter D’Antonio, of how the Roman Senate honours the return of an exiled hero with a parade through Rome. Returning to rescue Rome from surrendering and paying off the enemy, hero Camillus is basically a patriotic badass. You go, Camillus Coco. If you’re itching to get your hands on the print, the capsule collection consists of the Pascal 8 eye boot, a 1461 shoe, and a very fetching 11” satchel – all patterned in the same canvas.

1461_3-Eye_Shoe_D_Antonio_$239 Satchel Bag_Renaissance_D_Antonio_$249
And you’d be amazed at how fast Doc Marts go from regal to horrific – literally. For anyone who’s ever been mildly enticed by the slimy covers of the Goosebumps teen horror series, you’ll seriously dig Dr. Martens’ newest collection. Simply titled ‘Splash Mono’, the shoe pays homage to Psychobilly – the 1970s fusion genre of rock music that blends punk rock, rock and roll, and rockabilly. Very audacious – but not complete without distressing imagery from good ol’ horror and sci-fi films. And thus, the iconic 1460 8 eye boot gets a makeover with oozing “slime” and B-movie horror movie type graphics, in a classic monotone palette.
8_eye_pascal_boot_black-white_ 11_Inch_Leather_Satchel_Black Smooth_$209
With such explicit celebration of one of the most distinct youth cultures of all time, we don’t doubt that these Psychobilly shoes are going to gain quite the following – especially considering Doc Marts’ “rebellious” brand image. (We can already see the longhaired hippie-goths trudging around Laneway in these next year). It’s an acquired taste, we’ll admit… but then again, the paint/slime splatters kind of grow on you. Like a fungus.
Dr. Martens x The Triumph of Camillus By D’Antonio, $239 to $259; Splash Mono, $209 to $239, available in all Dr. Martens stores.