So This Is What Coca-Cola Raspberry Tastes Like…

You’ll finally be able to know. And quench your thirst while at it. We’ll admit this: coke (the drink) happens to be one of the best fizzy beverages we crave on a hot day, and it’s pretty awesome on its own, but what’s this – there’s actually Coca-Cola Orange, Cherry Vanilla and Raspberry too?
That’s possible, thanks to Coca-Cola Freestyle. First launched in the United States in 2009, we’ll finally be getting a taste of it, since the machine will be making its Asian debut right here in Singapore.
We’re talking about a touchscreen-operated beverage dispenser where we get to choose from more than 80 different drinks, of which 70 are new to us. These drinks are so cool you probably haven’t tasted them yet, hipsters be warned, and include flavours like Coca-Cola Light Cherry Vanilla, Fanta Fruit Punch, Sprite Vanilla, and Schweppes Lemon.

The machine’s also designed by Italian design firm Pininfarina. They design car bodies for Ferrari, hence the super sleek look.
And if you think it’s as easy as combining different flavours, think again. Each ingredient used for each drink is stored in separate cartridges, to ensure that you won’t be tasting some other drink, while the patented air-mix nozzle mixes your drink “in the air”. It’s not really about mixing the same amount of orange in a Coca-Cola Orange and Sprite Orange either; each recipe is specially formulated for the best flavour combination. All this trouble so you get something that tastes good.
To celebrate this Asian premiere of Coca-Cola Freestyle, there will be a free trial of Coca-Cola Freestyle beverages on 23rd January 2016, Saturday, at Orchard Cineleisure (Main Entrance) between 2pm to 7pm. Make your way down so you can brag about being the first to try a Coca-Cola Raspberry.
Available at 7-Eleven Cathay Cineleisure, Vista Point; Buffet Town International Buffet Restaurant at Raffles City; and GV Plaza at Plaza Singapura (Coming Soon!). More information here:
Images courtesy of The Coca-Cola Company.