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January 18, 2016

Meet one of our new favourite styling products: the simply-named C-Paste from Aussie all-natural haircare brand O&M Original & Mineral, which we first got acquainted with at the recent Sephora Press Day for Spring 2016. At the O&M booth, we met up with the effervescent Janelle Chaplin, the brand’s Creative Director, who introduced this handy new product to us.

Basically, the C-Paste is a lightweight and pliable hair fibre, which gives your hairstyle hold “without a huge commitment”, in Chaplin’s words. This means that it’s not the kind of hair wax that locks your hairstyle resolutely in place, so you have no room to change your hair should you wish. Its main ingredient is the all-powerful coconut oil, so your hair will looks soft and healthy with this on, in addition to being delightfully texturised.

If you’re familiar with O&M’s other hair fibre, the K Gravel, the C Paste is a lot more shiny, as compared to the matte and gritty texture of the K Gravel. So use the C Paste if you want a more natural finish, and more flexibility with your style. Chaplin gave us this tips: For shorter styles, first get hair about 80 per cent dry with a hairdryer, then take a fingertip’s worth of product and massage it into the hair. Finish off by using your fingers to lightly dust off your hair, to add just a bit more texture. For longer hair, you’ll want to get your hair dry, then use a fingertip’s amount of the fibre to scrunch it into the hair just like you would with a mousse; what Chaplin did with our hair is twist hair sections around, to let the fibre be more evenly distributed. The end result: Extra volume with lots of piecey texture, not too much for school or the office, yet it’s also something you can wear on a night out. This is why we’ll be twirling our hair a lot more in the mornings from now.


O&M Original & Mineral C Paste, $44. Available at Sephora stores from March.