Under Armour Has Perfected Cooling Technology For Your Sweaty Workouts

Forget HeatTech – while everyone else is dealing with #Blizzard2016, here on the island we unfortunately need something to combat #Heatwave2016. Enter Under Armour and their all-new SS16 CoolSwitch line, here to save our sweaty asses from a lifetime of tropical temperatures and horrid humidity.
And just in time for Spring/Summer too, when temperatures will really be heating up. As part of their Rule Yourself campaign, the pioneering CoolSwitch technology makes use of three cooling agents intended to keep you cool even during a workout, to empower you to perform longer, harder, and better. If we’re going to go into detail, your sweat basically triggers these agents into helping lower your body and skin temperature, so you stay cool and less physically taxed throughout. Fascinating, yes, but nowhere near as funky as the functional purpose of the crystal print on all the apparel – made of the same stuff NASA uses in their spacesuits, the agents within the print actually absorb and store heat energy, so that your skin won’t have to.

UA tights

Also new to the Spring/Summer collection are the second generation UA SpeedForm Apollos and UA SpeedForm Gemini. We’d love them even if all they did was look pretty, but this new range of running shoes takes ‘fancy kicks’ to the next level – with improved arch support, flex grooves, and even more cushioning than ever. In English, that means extra breathability (yay to non-sweaty feet!) and running on marshmallows – definitely not just for the casual power walker. But since we can’t all be pro runners or marathoners, these babies will more than do for the treadmill – well, if we actually kept our resolutions of going to the gym this year, that is.
UA shoes    UA heel
Under Armour Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, $9 to $399, available at all Under Armour brand houses from February 2016. underarmour.com.sg/en-sg