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January 18, 2016

There’s nothing more telling about your personality than your choice of watch. It all boils down to personal style and how he carries himself to make a lasting, good impression on someone. Just a single look at you can give away your overall ethos; from the way you wear your clothes, the way you walk, your haircut, and then there’s the watch. Besides being able to tell the time, it also reflects your own personal style more than anything else. What you wear is symbolic to who you are. If you’re been on the hunt for a watch brand that gives your “live for the moment”, carefree attitude, say no more. The POLICE lifestyle is the perfect embodiment of that, and has released an array of nifty watches for the urban man who’s confident of his own sense of style. This collection of rugged watches represent a kind of statement the wearer is trying to put out about himself.

Come on now, who doesn’t actually like skulls, especially one as large as this? It’s literally taking centre stage, making up for majority of the watch dial. Skulls have been used over and over again in fashion. It’s such a fascinating image because of its symbolism – there’s so many deep meanings that can be identified with it. The obvious would be its association to death, usually with a bunch of other death-related images. Skulls could also reflect the lasting image of a person’s mortality, or be a symbol for bravery and toughness. For Police, this Reaper watch represents the unconventional with its urban grit and antique dial. However, this aesthetic is juxtaposed with smooth leather straps and polished stainless steel case to highlight the contrast. The Katar watch on the other hand pays homage to a weapon that’s unique of South Asia and characteristic of Indian daggers. The katar is a kind of push dagger from India that’s identifiable by its H-shaped horizontal hand grip. These were typically used for close range hand combat back in the time of medieval Indian empires. The Katar watch features a distinctive polished steel clamp on the crown (also acts as a window to the date display) to represent the blade of the katar. Large hour markers and the brand’s distinctive logo at 12 o’clock complete the look.

Police Lifestyle Watches, $189-409. Available at the CLOUT 9 Store (Wheelock Place #02-09 & Capitol Piazza #B1-32). Follow them on Instagram (@clout9sg) and be entitled to 15% off at Clout9 stores when you mention “NylonSG” (valid from 18 to 31 January).


  • Corinna Lim Corinna288

    I want to give the watch to my hubby as his birthday present. He’ll definitely love this watch.

  • Koala Loh

    This watch is really brave and tough, I want it of course!