January 15, 2016

The weekend’s here, which means waking up at a reasonable hour so you enough time for breakfast… except you don’t  really know where to go. You could whip up something at home, or, pop to your nearest convenient Starbucks to check out their latest breakfast offerings.

This, of course, works for busy weekdays too, and it’s hard to resist their tempting new menu of 17 food items. Some of them even come as a set, paired with a tall-sized Starbucks coffee for just $6.90.

Croque Madame Puff Russet Egg Mayo Wholegrain Sandwich Rosemary Chicken wtih Emmental Cheese Croissant

These happen to be some of the newer items as well, including the Croque Madame Puff, a light pastry with wholesome fillings of turkey ham, egg, cherry tomato and Béchamel sauce, the Russet Egg Mayo Wholegrain Sandwich filled with egg, potato and honey mustard sauce that’s topped with cheese, and the Rosemary Chicken with Emmental Cheese Croissant that makes for a nice savoury choice.

Grilled Chicken, Spinach Mushroom & Egg Sandwich Breakfast Pancakes (only avail beginning 28 Jan)

Another filling option would be the Grilled Chicken, Mushroom, Spinach & Egg Sandwich, that really contains all the nutrients you need for the day served between toasty cornbread, or, if you’re more of a sweet tooth in the morning, you could go for the Breakfast Pancakes, fluffy and served with maple syrup and butter (from 28 Jan). All the above items are $5.90 each for the ala carte option, so if you’re doing the math, it makes way more sense to get it as a set meal, at $6.90!

Almond Croissant Bagels

Just as well, there are also mainstay items like bagels, croissants and fruit parfaits, great for dining in and also convenient enough for takeaways. What’s new though is the Almond Croissant ($3.90), a twist to the classic buttery French pastry due to the addition of crunchy almond slices, icing sugar, and almond cream filling.

The Starbucks breakfast menu is carried at all outlets islandwide from store opening (or 4am for 24 hours stores) to 11.30am on weekdays and until 2.30 pm on weekends. starbucks.com.sg