Why You Should Be Shining Coloured Light On Your Skin

Beauty has advanced so much such that the effective way to combat skin woes such as acne, pigmentation and signs of aging might not be creams and gels, i.e. things you can actually feel on your skin, but rather something less tangible: coloured LED light.
Light-emitting facial devices have been around for awhile now (grab out #39 Everything’s Going Digital issue to see a whole bunch of recommendations), and we’ve learnt from these products that each light colour actually serves a specific purpose. Blue light is most often used to soothe acne and pimples, as it has antibacterial properties; yellow light has the ability to brighten the skin; while red targets aging skin by lifting and contouring.
Most devices emit one coloured light only, so if you wanted to get the full spectrum of LED light treatments, you would have to invest a pretty penny into multiple devices. Until now. Skin Inc just upgraded their travel-sized Optimizer Voyage, so it’s now the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, and the push of a button lets you switch between red, yellow and blue light. The original Optimizer Voyage emitted red LED light only, meant to renew damaged skin cells as well as boost collage and elastin production, while optimising the skin’s ability to absorb skincare products applied on it. Now, you get the added benefits of treating that pesky pimple, and giving dull skin a quick brightening treat.
Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light, $398. Available at Sephora, Skin Inc Concept Stores, luxola.com and iloveskininc.com