January 25, 2016

Spring has sprung in Singapore (hey, it’s called the Spring Festival after all), and it’s time to get that spring-cleaning out of the way before the Lunar New Year rolls in! And with new gift ideas from 3M, tidying up becomes practical without losing finesse.

Get this – Hello Kitty floor stickers. The newly launched 3M Safety-Walk Anti-Slip Floor Stickers – Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition are an otaku’s take on usual floor stickers; combining practicality with, well, aesthetic. Personally, the idea of cutesy iconic Japanese felines bedazzling our floor isn’t quite our thing, but hey, safety first. And with all the visiting tots you’ll be receiving this festive season, you’ll be thankful to have these plastered over your bathroom floors and kitchen.


And while we’re on the topic of CNY visiting, it’s a no-brainer that you’ll be needing something to get rid of post-CNY party stains. 3M takes a step away from its usual adhesives – with the Sharpshooter™ Tough Stain & Grease Remover that should easily eliminate spots and stains, and lets you get into all the nooks and crannies you hate reaching. The new solution works on a good variety of surfaces – think walls, floors, vinyl, and stainless steel – no rinsing required. Just spray and wipe, and you’re good to receive your next party guests!

In need of a refreshment after your arduous spring-cleaning? Ditch the soft drinks and refuel with good ol’ water instead – you’re 70% it anyway. Hydrate in style with the 3M BPA-FREE Filtered Water Dispenser, which promises clean, filtered water at any time of the day. Your Chinese New Year guests will be clamouring over this handy all-in-one dispenser, which dispenses in all temperatures in a compact shape that’s snazzy as hell.


So to summarise, that’s Hello Kitty floors that you’ll be keeping squeaky clean with a killer stain remover, after which you can reward yourself with 99.9% bacteria-free water from your futuristic water dispenser. Ace. Looks like 2016 is the year you can finally catch a break from snooty relatives casting their annual snarky judgment on your beloved living space. Well, at least out loud.


3M Safety-Walk Anti-Slip Floor Stickers – Hello Kitty Collector’s Edition, $24, available at Popular, Selffix DIY stores and selected NTUC outlets; Sharpshooter Tough Stain & Grease Remover bundled with 3M Scotch-Brite no-scratch sponge, $9.90, available at Selffix DIY stores; BPA-FREE Filtered Water Dispenser, $1,488 (u.p. $1,888), available at Selffix DIY stores and selected Home-Fix DIY Stores, Spring Maternity, Popular Bookstores, Paris Silk and Best Denki Electrical outlets.