February 5, 2016

Happy early Valentine’s Day! Forget Netflix & chill, if you’re looking for a lazy day in with your loved one this February 14, the folks over at Viddsee have compiled a handy list of romance short films to do just that. A free-to-watch mobile cinema platform, Viddsee curates and promotes the best short films in Asia, helping Asian filmmakers share their stories to the world. Here are our top four picks to help get you feeling in the mood.


Directed by Keiya Ando

It’s forecasted to rain (what’s new) this Valentine’s Day, so why not kick back with this 6-minute short film succinctly titled… ‘Rain’. The story follows a young Japanese man who seeks shelter from the nighttime downpour, and his endearing encounter with a lady running away from the rain too. There’s everything you’d expect in a romance short – the cute, awkward small talk we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives; the shy, secret smiles. You’ll quickly come to love the bashful but earnest protagonist as you follow his journey to getting the girl – including tackling the possibility of a third party.

Time: 05:52
Country: Japan


32°C Fall In Love (32°深夜KK)
Directed by Tan Seng Kiat


What do you get when you put a security guard, a pretty convenience store assistant, and a robber in a poncho together? Romance, apparently. At close to 14 minutes, this is hardly a short, but the antics of the three main characters will have you cracking up throughout. The sheer unconventionality of the situation (in a Malaysian KK Supermart, of all places) makes for a fresh story, and props to the scriptwriter for cheeky, down-to-earth dialogue that’s a lot more convincing than the usual sap. Don’t forget to stay till the end for a pretty entertaining twist.

Time: 13:52
Country: Malaysia


An Unconventional Love Story (她和他的故事)
Directed by Daniel Yam

Finally, something by our very own storytellers here in Singapore. Director Daniel Yam waxes nostalgic with elements of 1970s Singapore – think Dragon Playground! – infused into this local love story. The film follows a young girl (Pamelyn Chee) and her loveless life, filled primarily with romance novels, and a stuffed rabbit linked to a barely there childhood romance. The big theme here is Destiny, so it’s no surprise when she eventually bumps into her childhood sweetheart, ten or so years on. But what follows next is a heartwarming turn of events that will leave you wishing this were more than just a 12-minute short.

Time: 11:35
Country: Singapore


It’s Complicated
Directed by Byron Kwong

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little scandal? If you’re in the mood for something a little more sombre, this Cantonese mini drama and its melancholic overtones might just fit the bill. The protagonist is a wedding photographer who finds himself in a bind when his latest client is the fiancé of his ex. Expect a whole lot of wistfulness, confusion, and unfortunate talk of infidelity, all of which is summed up nicely in the title – It’s Complicated. You’ll be holding your breath as they navigate this seeming love triangle, but be warned that the ending might just break your heart.

Time: 19:06
Country: Hong Kong