February 3, 2016

We all know that Leica cameras usually have a very expensive price tag pegged to them, but it’s generally accepted by the photography community for a slew of reasons; two of them being the quality of the build and the long history and tradition of excellence in the construction of lenses and optical devices. You’re basically getting what you’re paying for, and that itself speaks louder than the sum of any naysayer.

They’ve taken luxury to the next level by crafting the world’s first full matte brass finish M Series for The Hour Glass, which is limited to only 35 set globally. While Leica has always maintained focus on tradition and innovation, The Hour Glass pride’s itself as the world’s leading cultural retail enterprise by celebrating the primary concept of authentic luxury and putting the spotlight on an appreciation of objects with exclusivity and artisanship. The project began two years ago as an idea with the concept of luxury in its most authentic and artisanal form as its focus. Brass was used to create a pure and unadulterated object as it represents the glamour of gold in a very understated manner.


The Leica M-P “Brass Edition 35” takes after the iconic design of an M series, finished in the most raw and original form of full clear lacquered brass and buttons. The leather trim on this special model uses distinctive chestnut leather for the exterior wrap and carrying strap (included in the set). And yes, the lens that comes with it, the Leica Summicron-M 1:2/35mm ASPH, along with the classic round lens, also boast a pure brass finishing with clear lacquer for protection. To make things more exclusive, Leica has included a limited edition number imprinted on both the hotshoe and the lens with the The Hour Glass logo above it.

But the pomp and circumstance doesn’t just end there. Of course the presentation box has to be just as ostentatious. The camera is presented in a special box that was hand made in Black Forest, Germany, and wrapped with a golden paper called “Treasury” (fun fact: it’s the same paper used for the envelopes of the Oscars Awards).

Leica M-P “Brass Edition 35”, $35,000. Available exclusively at Malmaison by The Hour Glass.